Melissa Moon Nikhila, M.A.     

Spiritual Coach

My holistic practice involves Archangel Gemstone Healing for clients, YOGA for PEACE Kundalini Yoga, Learn 2 Meditate (for absolute beginners) and Infinite Love Meditations with Gemstones and Mantras. I utilize these methods to help you resolve past issues and current concerns with your body, mind and spirit. I am committed to helping you with my holistic health practice so you can feel better, leave the past aches and injuries behind and move toward a brighter future. Healing is an important part of personal growth and I have overcome many personal obstacles on my own journey to becoming a practitioner and teacher.

I have a M.A. in Integrated Religious Studies and I am an advocate for helping people bring more Love, Peace and Wisdom into their lives by going within, heal and making positive changes. I teach people to make decisions based on their heart-mind connection and listen to their inner wisdom instead of making decisions from the intellect alone. Therefore, you can better live your purpose and enjoy your life at a much deeper level.

Energy Exchange:

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Facebook - YOGA for PEACE

Azalea House of Healing, NW Expy and 72nd, OKC

Kundalini Yoga

2021 - Sundays at 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. 

Yoga for Beginners with Healing Bowls

Sundays at 12:00 p.m. - 12:45 p.m.

Facebook - Infinite Love Meditations

Radiant Living, 6501 N. Brookline Ave, OKC

1. Meditation with Gemstones

2. Mantra Meditations

3. Learn 2 Meditate 

Facebook - Angelic Healing Center

1. Distance Healing with Archangel Angelic Healing 

2. Distance Healing with Rainbow Animal Reiki 

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I also post on Instagram, AllEvents (OKC), Meetup and Natural Awakenings Magazine

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Clients have recommended me:

"I had a healing from Melissa at the Radiant Living Fun Fair. It was wonderful. When she put the diamond on me, I felt it go all through my body. Melissa's energy is great. She had a very calm presence. I felt great afterward!" -Lynn Thompson (2019)


"I had a great session. Melissa knows her gemstones and is a gem herself." -Deborah DeLight (2018)


Bring your issue or concern to the appointment and together we will choose how to best proceed for your condition. Message me on Facebook: Angelic Healing Center




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