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 Archangel Gemstone Healing (DISTANCE HEALING AVAILABLE)

  • This therapy consists of asking for angelic help. I place gemstones around your body to help you relax and release stagnate and spent energy for improving your condition. I utilize techniques to bring in healing light to help you return to a healthier, uplifted state. Angelic Healing lasts up to 1.5 hours.

Rainbow Animal Reiki

  • Your pet works hard for you giving you joy at the end of your long workday. Treat them with a lasting gift. They will enjoy the deep relaxation of Reiki while uplifting their energy to let go of stress and anxiety that may build up daily. Help them let go and relax putting them in a natural state to heal their body, mind and spirit. 1 hour.


Meditation with Gemstones Classes

  • I teach meditation with gemstones for achieving uplifting energy and receiving the healing benefits of gemstones. Each topic relates to Love, Peace or Wisdom.  All levels welcome!
  • New Moon Meditations Online Zoom 
  • Crescent Moon Meditations


Meditation with Mantras Classes

  • I teach mantra meditation classes for achieving uplifting energy, establishing new patterns, and receiving the healing benefits of repeating mantras called chanting.
  • All levels welcome!
  • Full Moon Meditations Online Zoom
  • Zoom


Kundalini Yoga Classes

  • Class is an expansion on your typical yoga class to include body, mind and spirit as you close your eyes and go within releasing stress, pain and tension. You begin class by tuning into your higher self, yoga postures for increasing circulation and releasing tension while balancing your brain and body. The end of class consists of meditating briefly with a mantra to yoga music. This class has physical, emotional and mental benefits.
  • Zoom

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Angelic Gemstone Healing

Shamballa Reiki Classes

Meditation Classes

Kundalini Yoga Classes

Yoga for Weight Reduction




Advanced Angelic Healing

Animal Reiki


Melissa Nikhila,

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